Write an argumentative essay that takes a position on an ethical issue (issue of integrity) within your field of study, profession, or former work/profession or in a field where you have some knowledge or interest. You may also write a paper addressing ethical issues within academia/college, such as honor codes or cheating.

I am also open to alternate topics for this essay! If you want to write about something entirely different, just run it past me. I'm also happy to help with brainstorming over e-mail.


  • Essay 3 may be written in any of three formats: as a Toulmin-style argument, as a Rogerian style argument, or as a This I Believe-style argument (modeled after the readings you'll do next week -- you can take a look at 9.2 any time) 
  • TO PASS (65%): Essays will include at minimum 4 appropriate, cited sources.
  • TO PASS (65%): Essays will be at least 4 full pages in length, double spaced 
  • Essays will be formatted using MLA style for both citations and page layout

  • The final essay (Essay 3) is due for peer review at the end of Week 9. 
    • Unlike past peer review, this will take place in a forum (not a workshop); you may submit a paper that is only partly finished. 
  • The final draft must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Tuesday during finals week, though you can submit earlier if you'd like!

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