1. What's up in Week 8

Hi everyone,

We're in Week 8! Hooray!

Our work this week focuses on the final essay and presentation. In fact, if you haven't read the instructions over those and taken the quiz in Week 7, you can't even get started this week. Make sure you've done that!

Once you have, you'll see two readings open up. They're about honor codes and cheating in college. This is a suggestion I have for you if you're stuck on a topic for Essay 3; however, you don't have to write about this. There are more details about what to research in the Essay 3 directions and in the forum post at the end of this week.

Above all, make sure you reserve time this week to research. If you need assistance, ask me, or chat with a librarian 24 hours a day through the LBCC web site.