1. Welcome to Week 7

We've made it past the halfway mark! Well done. This week, our focus is on Essay 2 for half the week, and Essay 3 for the rest. To give you ample time for revision, I've nudged a few deadlines later -- the calendar at the top of the week and this book will have the most reliable information. 

Essay 2 In Review

Your second essay should be done this week as soon as possible. Make Friday your target, if you can! Get it off of your desk and on to mine as soon as you can, for two reasons:

1). You'll be digging into information about Essay 3 and the final presentation starting Thursday, and it's easier to think of one paper at a time.

2). The faster I get the essays, the faster you get them back. You can revise Essay 1 and Essay 2 for a higher grade, multiple times -- but it takes me a while to return them.