This unit focuses on finding an ethical believe that exists within your own career field, profession, or field of study, and then making an argument based upon this code. We have learned two ways of making arguments so far: the traditional Toulmin structure and the Rogerian structure that focuses more on compromise.

Now, let's add a slightly different twist on argument: ethical argument, which is based on the idea of establishing a shared set of beliefs between the audience and the writer. This is perhaps best displayed by the long-standing series of public essays in the This I Believe project.

To understand this format, please do the following:

  1. Visit the ThisIBelieve website (ThisIBelieve.Org) and read their about page.

  2. 2. Then read the guidelines they give to writers.
  3. 3. Finally, take a look at their history page. You do not need to listen to audio portions on that page (though the first one is particularly interesting and useful). 

  4. 4. Choose one piece from the history page to read and/or listen to.

  5. 5. Choose one other piece from the site (use the Explore tab to find more topics and new recordings). If possible, look for pieces that align with what you're researching for the third paper.

Use the readings you've selected to complete the Research Quiz this week.

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