If you are struggling to narrow down to a specific topic for Essay 2, please consider this list of questions. You are also, of course, welcome to come up with your own! I would be happy to help you find sources for any of these.

  1. Do video games improve learning in elementary school students?
    • Since this is a large question, you could narrow down to specific topics or ages: 5 year olds, math, etc.
  2. Should elementary school students spend time on computers in class?
  3. Should all college students be given a computer when they first enroll?
  4. Should computer and/or technology education be required for all middle school students?
  5. Should free community college be available to all students?
    • Should students get free college tuition if they complete community service? 
    • Should students receive free tuition only if they meet certain criteria (like GPA, high school diploma, location)?
  6. Should students spend more time outdoors in school than they currently do?
  7. What type of advising should students have to go through before enrolling in college? Any?
  8. Is Destination Graduation useful?
  9. What type of testing should we use in schools? Should there be tests at all?

I'll add to this as the week goes on and I see or think of good new topics. If you have suggestions, let me know!

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