For your second argumentative essay, construct a Rogerian argument on some topic related to education. It does not have to be the issues described in our initial reading, but if you want direction: argue whether including video games in education (at any level you choose) is smart or troubling (or both!).

If you want to argue a different education-related issue, find a piece of the issue that interests you: I would happily read pieces about issues within your own major, arguments for changes that should be made at our school, or discussions about financial aid. If you are stumped, let me know! Let's figure out a way to make this interesting for you.

If you want to argue something outside of education, I'm amenable, but I need to know a little bit more before you get started. E-mail me as soon as possible to clear a topic. 

Requirements for this essay are as follows:

  • The essay should begin (either in the introduction or after the introduction) with a succinct and mostly objective summary of the problem that your argument is trying to solve. 
  • The essay must acknowledge common ground between both sides. For example, if you want to argue that colleges should spend more money on student athletes, you must find common ground -- some point of agreement -- with the side that would argue there should be less spending or the same amount. This might be to say that both sides care for the well being of the schools and/or the students, for instance.
  • The essay should use outside evidence to back up your ultimate argument/claim. You may use the reading(s) for this unit as one of your sources, but plan to find a minimum of 4 outside sources to support your claim.
  • Use MLA style citations to construct your Works Cited and in-text citations.
  • The essay should be 5 to 7 pages in length, using 12-point font (Times, Times New Roman, Cambria, Georgia, etc.), double spaced, with a four-line header on the first page only. 

This essay will be due for Peer Review at the end of Week 6.

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