8.4 Essay 2 Post-Script (complete within a week of reading E2 feedback, please)

Due: Monday, November 19, 2018, 10:55 PM

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your second essay assignment for WR 122. Now you should take a moment and reflect on what you’ve learned. Consider all phases of this project, from thinking/creating to reading to writing.

Write as much as you need to in order to adequately answer each of the questions below. Though there is no minimum and no maximum length requirement for this assignment, please remember that it will count for part of your grade and should reflect a significant amount of thought and work.

Please type your answers and then copy and paste your text into the box below.

  1. Identify and describe one major problem you needed to solve as you wrote about this topic. (Don’t include here grammatical concerns; rather concentrate on problems you encountered in essay writing: coming up with a topic, developing a thesis, sticking to the Rogerian style, understanding the assignment, organization, development,, time sense/verb tense, etc.)

  2. How did you solve this problem? Be specific. Did this solution teach you anything about your writing or your writing process that you can carry over into future writing assignments?

  3. Comment on your writing process. How did you go about writing this essay? Was this a tried and true method or was it brand new? Is it a good one, one that you’ll want to repeat for future assignments?

  4. Identify the best feature of this essay.

  5. If you had more time to work on this assignment, what would you do? Explain in what specific ways you could use my help on revising this essay. If, on the other hand, you feel that your work is complete on this essay, let me know that now.

This post-script will receive a grade; however, I won’t read it until I’ve read and assigned a grade to the essay itself, so be honest.