As part of your research, both for this paper and the final, you'll be diving more into research using scholarly journal articles. These articles require a different type of attention and reading skill than most of what we read elsewhere. Please watch these two videos, which will help you wade through articles as you research and read for this class and others.

Video #1: How to Read and Comprehend Scientific Journal Articles

This will be useful if you plan to incorporate studies into your second essay, particularly those that depend on experiments:

Video #2: How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article

This is a critical piece of information about how *not* to spend hours on every dense article that you pull up in the library database. In other words: how to read like your professors. 

Our librarians are available to help with this process, too!

When you've completed this, just to let me know you made it through, take the brief quiz that follows.

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