Like most online courses, this one requires you to be your own "schedule setter" in some ways; in others, I've tried to map out the best schedule possible to help you along. If you follow the suggested schedule I've outlined, you'll do a little work every day for the class. If you need to adapt to fit your own schedule, that's fine, too: hard deadlines each week are on Wednesday and Sunday nights, and you can turn in early as needed.

The most current list of assignments is always our course itself. When I need to make schedule adjustments, I will announce them through the Weekly Overview and/or the News/Announcements forum.

Different Ways to Access the Schedule

Each week lists the suggested schedule at the start and then lists the assignments in the order they should be completed. You can also access the whole course schedule in a few ways:

  1. As a spreadsheet (easy to print or quickly view)
  2. As a Google Calendar (to view or subscribe to) or iCal export file (to use on other digital calendars)
  3. At the bottom of this page, embedded (may not show up on all devices).
    • To subscribe to this calendar through Google calendar, just click the small plus sign on the bottom right.
    • To print the calendar, click the small printer icon at the top right.
    • Try the Agenda View (click the Agenda tab below) to see all assignments in a list.

In addition, sign up for text message reminders for our class. That information is posted in the Orientation section, and I'll send out information about it during Week 1. These reminders will reinforce due dates and let you know when assignments have been graded.

Last modified: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 10:53 PM