1. Week 10 Checklist

Here's what to do this week!

  1. 10.0 Read/listen to this overview (done!)
  2. 10.1 Return to Week 9 and review your three peers' essays.
  3. 10.2 Post your Final Presentation to the Forum (by Wednesday for extra credit -- absolute deadline is Sunday!)
    • Remember: If you have a large file, get in touch with me early in the week to figure out how to post it.
  4. 10.2.1 Attend 1-2 presentations by viewing/listening/reading what your classmates have done in the forum and then rating (instructions are in the forum)
  5. By Friday, submit any final revisions of Essay 1 and Essay 2.
  6. 10.4 Submit Essay 3 for grading; I will accept these through Thursday of Week 11 (Finals Week)

As a bonus, there's only one thing to do for next week:

  • Come back Sunday-Tuesday next week to read/view others' presentations

You can do that any time after you've submitted Essay 3.