Okay, but I still don't get it. Why are we writing the Information Literacy assignment and essay on the same topic? Here's why...

Why Are We Writing All These Different Things On The Same Topic?

Well, the Information Literacy piece is the research aspect of your essay. The sources and citations you use here will be the ones you include in your essay.

In fact, the information literacy piece should contain everything you need to write your essay quickly and thoroughly. That means that the information literacy assignment needs to be thorough as well. Do not hand in one or two pages and expect a passing score. Many students find they need up to five pages or more, and these set the standard.

Here's the reasoning behind it: the Information Literacy part gets you involved in researching the topic and sources for your essay. It guides you in researching and assembling your data. It gets you thinking and gives you depth in the week before the essay is due. It guides you in citing sources.

We want your essay to be thoughtful and well written.

Essentially, this approach gives you two weeks to assemble your final draft. That should be plenty of time to produce your best work. Therefore, your submitted work should be virtually error-free in terms of grammar, formatting, and proof-editing.

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