How Can I do This assignment Right and Get The best Grade I can? Here's how...

For your first assignment, focus on the numbers Dumhoff uses for his claims.  He claims there is a growing shift in wealth, and the shift is accelerating.  You will find data in your research that may indicate his numbers were correct and even moreso today, or that his data is incomplete or incorrect.

Any argument based on false statistics is an invalid argument.  Our job here is to determine the validity of his sources, his numbers–not to argue about his position or say we agree or disagree with his opinion.

Who Cares?  I don't like politics.  Why can't I write about how to survive a Zombie attack?

Given the debates and policies current in the present election, it's important that we develop critical thinking skills that free us from bias and allow us to have informed, arguable, and fact-based opinions.

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