Audience Analysis

Once you have completed and submitted your Information Literacy assignment Part I, you will deepen your skills if complete the following analysis and use it to write your first draft.

Profile your audience:
1. PURPOSE—What is the audience’s interest in your essay? What do they expect
the writing to do or offer in the way of benefits?
2. ATTITUDE—How does the audience generally feel about this subject? Are they
indifferent, opposed, in agreement?
3. BACKGROUND—What does the audience already know? How much
knowledge, experience, or training can you expect them to have?

Once you have established some of these particulars about your audience, do you feel the need to make any of the following adjustment? Explain your answer in a sentence.
1. Add information readers need in order to understand your writing
2. Omit information readers are not likely to need
3. Change the kind of information included
4. Add additional examples to clarify a main or subordinate point
5. Change the kind of examples included
6. Change the organization/presentation of your information

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