Tip: What Should My Outline Look Like? Here It Is

It will look something like this:

1st Paragraph: Thesis Statement (topic and a point=opinion)

2nd Paragraph: Restate that thesis statement including the main areas (the Key Terms) you will look at to make your case.  Three is a good number for us. ("I think the falling of the Berlin Wall was good, and I think it was good for three reasons: 1/2/3.")

3rd Paragraph: Key Term 1: (reason 1)

  • argument
  • illustration or source data

4th Paragraph: Key Term 2:

  • argument
  • illustration or source data

5th Paragraph: Key Term 3:

  • argument
  • illustration or source data

6th Paragraph:  Conclusion

Look for these elements in your own and in others’ thesis statement.

Huh?  What is this going to look like for me?

Well, it could look like this:

Domhoff makes the claim that ...blah blah.

I think the data Domhoff uses is (sound or unsound) because these three (reliable or unreliable) sources (1;2;3) back up (or do not back up) his numbers.

First, source one indicates that...

Second, source two indicates that ...

Finally, source three ....

So in conclusion, the evidence seems to (support or not support) the author's data.  The claims he makes based on the data he uses seems ....

Does that help?

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