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Libro Open Educational Resources (OER)

Use the materials in this to complete coursework assignments.

Archivo CD Syllabus
Archivo Activity Log Sheet

Print out each Activity Log Sheet and fill in OR type directly on the form and then print (which would be easier).  This form is used to log exercises explored in class.

These sheets are then placed in a three ring binder and turned in later in the quarter for a grade.  The binder will be returned so you can use it to build your final lesson plan.

Activity Log Book -Binder Archivo Activity Log Form

This form can be printed out and filled in during class after each exercise is reviewed or you can type directly on the form and print.  Regardless, of which direction you wan to go you must place the sheet in a three ring binder.

Archivo Activity Log Grading Criteria - Rubric
A Student-focused Process URL Creative Drama in the Classroom (article by Lorie A. Annarella)
URL Viola Spolin Biography
URL Viola Spolin - Intuitive Learning Systems
URL Spolin Games
URL Viola Spolin Testimonies
Promoting Literacy Development URL Using Creative Drama to Promote Literacy
Archivo Basic Classroom Applications
Cooperative Learning URL Educational Psychology
URL The Essential 5 Cooperative Learning Structures
URL Interviews with Dr. Kagan
PreK - 1st grade Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Conceptions of Teaching and Learning URL Article: The Role of Creative Drama in Improving the Creativity of 4-6 Years Old Children
Structuring a Creative Drama Activity Archivo Midterm Guidelines
Archivo Grading Criteria - Rubric
Application of Creative Drama Archivo Mathmetics and Creative Drama
Archivo Social Communication Skills
URL Creative Drama and STEM
URL Skills to teach Business, Management, Economics and Accounting
URL A lesson on Shakespeare - teacher training video

The activities utilized in this video can be applied and adapted to any lesson plan regardless of the subject matter.

Developing a Curriculum Unit Archivo Example: CD Lesson Plan

The following attachment is an example of the format for the final project.

Archivo CD Lesson Plan Template
URL Using Creative Drama to Teach Texts
URL Department of Education Academic Content Standards
Archivo Lesson Plan Example - Movement
URL Science Drama Workshop