Congratulations and next steps

If you've shared the sources you've identified so far and taken the survey, congratulations, you're finished with the course! I hope it's made you feel more confident and provided a road map for your OER project. Here are some important next steps:

  • Schedule a meeting with the Center for Accessibility Resources to discuss your platforms, formats, and sources.
  • Schedule a meeting with the OER librarian. This is required 50% through your project, but if you're using materials with different licenses, or if you have any questions about copyright, it's a good idea to schedule a meeting sooner.
  • Look for opportunities to learn more and work together in the fall. There will be OER-focused workshops and panel presentations during In-Service, and drop-in co-working opportunities throughout the year.
  • Plan to wrap up your project by May 2020. Remember to seek support as you go along!
  • Think about sustainability and updating. Smaller grants are available for update projects but they, like all the OER grants, are competitive and not guaranteed. How can you design your resources to have longevity? If you're using other's materials, are they regularly updated (OpenStax are, for example)?  Can your students or colleagues help you keep them up to date? Can updating your course materials be written into your work plan, if you have one?

Last modified: Monday, June 24, 2019, 10:13 AM