In-Class Assignment #1

Due: Sunday, April 7, 2019, 11:55 PM

Assignment #1 One Drive

  1. Log into the computer with your Single Sign On
  2. Create a Single Sign On (if you couldn't before and repeat step 1 by logging out and logging in under your profile)
  3. Access your school email account 
  4. Read and understand the contact/email policy
  5.  Go to and log into our Onedrive or create one with a personal or new email account (if you create a new account, keep track of all log ins on the "notes" of your smartphone
  6. Open a blank excel workbook (IF YOU ARE ASKED TO UPDATE, CLICK YES), *Author it*, save as "ICA 1 'Your Name'" to desktop
  7. Click onto your "file explorer" and click on tab selection on the left called "onedrive". (if you do not see it, let me know)
  8. Log into your OneDrive here when it prompts after clicking it
  9. Now go back to excel file "ICA 1 'Your Name'" and save it to "Browse" and then click "OneDrive"
  10. Go to your OneDrive on the, do you see "ICA 1 'Your Name'"? if you do, you did it right. If not, please ask me for help in class
  11. Then, send an email to me at titled "BA 101B CRN: 43801" and attach your "ICA 1 'Your Name'" to it. (WARNING: If you attach the excel while it is still open, it will attach as a "Corrupted File
  12. Upload to Moodle from your OneDrive
  13. Understand this statement: If assignments are NOT "Authored" or uploaded correctly by due date/time, you receive 0 credit. Any assignments that are lost due to system crashes, you receive 0 credit, and if I chose to use another computer besides the PC desktops on LBCC campus, that is not an excuse to have assignments done correctly. To avoid all of this, I will log in to the computer under my name, save excel files immediately to the desktop and OneDrive, and double check I have successfully uploaded the right file and authored it before due dates/times.