This course will enable instructors adopting, remixing, or creating OER to:

  • Apply backward design in order to plan learning goals, assessment, and appropriate scaffolding/support, 
  • Describe the meaning of open educational resources,
  • Locate open educational resources relevant to course learning outcomes,
  • Properly attribute works offered under a Creative Commons license,
  • Identify and create works that are accessible to all students
  • Add a Creative Commons license to their own work and share back with their disciplinary community

El objetivo de esta página es dar acceso a varios materiales que he creado para ayudar a enseñar clases de español para hablantes de herencia.

La filosofía detrás de estos materiales es:

- Fortalecer la identidad cultural de los estudiantes, así como su habilidad de usar registros formales y distinguirlos de los coloquiales.

- Entender las diferencias entre el "espanglish" y el español normativo.

- Aprender sobre la diversidad lingüística y cultural de los países hispanos.

- Mejorar su conocimiento metalingüístico.

- Ampliar su vocabulario y, en general, su dominio del idioma para discutir y analizar temas más allá de la vida diaria.

This four-credit course examines the roles mass media play in shaping our democratic society. It explores the history, technology and economics of the publishing, music, broadcasting, advertising and film industries. It also looks at the news media and the Internet, with emphasis on how the media impacts our culture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not created your Media Blog by the end of the day Thursday, June 28, you will be dropped from the course. Be sure to send Rob the URL for your blog via email or Moodle message. 

Welcome to the Moodle Practice Course! This is a place where you can practice the things that your instructors might ask you to do in Moodle when you're learning online. Because this is a practice course, the "grades" you may receive here are not connected to any credit course and/or GPA.

This site outlines requirements for LBCC Instructors to prepare their Moodle courses.