2.2. Glossary of Argument Terms

Objectives: Demonstrate building knowledge of argument terms.

Time to Complete: 20 minutes

Points: 10/Online Assignment

Deadline: Wednesday night, Week 2


As you complete your readings this week, you may find unfamiliar terms related either to argumentative writing (such as Toulmin, claim, warrant, etc.) or terms within your readings on automation (such as those in the Facebook pieces) that require better definition.

Contribute to the knowledge of the class by either:

  • Posting a definition of a term related to either argument or automation below, or
  • Commenting on a definition given by a classmate to clarify or to expand by providing an example

Contribute twice to this glossary to receive credit. Each post is worth a maximum of 5 points; posts that are too short or contain incorrect information may receive fewer points. 

To add an entry:

1. Click Add an Entry below.

2. Type the term you're defining in the Concept line.

3. Type the definition in the Definition box.

4. Click Submit.

  • You may check This entry should be automatically linked at the bottom. Whenever the term you describe shows up through the rest of our course, it will link back to this definition. For example, see how the term argumentative links back now that I've added it.

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