Updated Information: Moodle Mobile App

Updated Information: Moodle Mobile App

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As we mentioned in previous communications about the Open LMS Moodle mobile application, there are currently 2 versions of the app available in the Apple and Google app stores. One is labeled “Open-LMS” and one is labeled “old Open LMS”.

As of the end of April, new updates and changes to the mobile app will only be available on the “Open-LMS” app version. The “old Open LMS” version will not be updated and will no longer be available in app stores

April 28We will remove the “old Open LMS” app from the stores. (Users will still be able to use it, but will not be able to update it.)

We recommend you delete the "old Open LMS" app, and ensure you have the latest version of the new app installed. To assist with this process, we’ve updated the icon on the old app to make it clear which one is no longer recommended.

The screenshot on the left is iOS, screenshot on the right is Android. The new app is highlighted in yellow, while the old app is highlighted in red:

Screenshots of App Icons