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CS240B - Week-8 Update

CS240B - Week-8 Update

by Ziad Rizk -
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Hello class,

If you have not, please take 2-3 minutes and complete the course eval. The school and I would very much appreciate it.

This past week, we covered Software Restriction Policies and AppLocker. If you end up working for a medium-large IT, you’ll very likely need to use AppLocker. 

Week-8 assignment is due on Sunday, May 26.

Next week, we will cover Firewalls (last topic).

This is the plan for the rest of the quarter:

1)      Week-9 = Mon is holiday, Wed is Rick’s visit and firewalls

2)      Week-10 = Project work (no class time)

3)      Week-11  = Pizza followed by presentations (no final exam)

Finally, I hope you are making excellent progress on your projects. No time to waste!

Enjoy the long weekend.