Section 1: Assignment 2

Due: Sunday, April 14, 2019, 11:55 PM

Marketing for Specialty Women’s Apparel Starter File: Chapter 1 CiP Exercise 2 Difficulty: Level 2

A key activity for marketing professionals is to analyze how population demographics change in certain regions. This is especially important for specialty retail stores that target a specific age group within a population. This exercise utilizes the skills covered in this chapter to analyze hypothetical population trends. The decisions that can be made with such information include where to open new stores, whether existing stores should be closed and reopened in other communities, or whether the product assortment should be adjusted. The purpose of this exercise is to use the skills presented in this chapter to analyze hypothetical population trends for a fashion retailer.


1.           In the Sheet1 worksheet, enter the year 2018 into cell B3.


2.          Use Auto fill to fill the years 2019 to 2022 in the range C3:F3.

3.          Change the font style to Arial and the font size to 12 points for all cell locations in the Sheet1 worksheet.


4.          Merge and center the cells in the range A1:F1.


5.          Make the following formatting adjustments to the range A1:F1: bold; italics; change the cell fill color to Olive Green, Accent 3, Lighter 60%; change the font size to 14 points.


6.          Enter the title for this worksheet into the range A1:F1 on two lines. The first line should read Population Trends by Age Group. The second line should read in Region 5.


7.           Increase the height of Row 1 so the title is visible.


8.          Delete Row 2.


9.          Increase the height of Row 2 to 21 points.


10.     Format the values in the range B3:F6 so a comma separates each thousands place with zero decimal places.


11.       Make the necessary adjustments to remove any pound signs (####) that may have appeared after formatting the values.


12.      Sort the data in the range A2:F6 based on the values in the year 2018 from largest to smallest.


13.      Enter the word Totals in cell A7.


14.      Increase the height of Row 7 to 22.50 points.


15.      Format the range A7:F7 so entries are bold and italic.


16.      In cell B7, add a total that sums the values in the range B3:B6. Format the value with zero decimal places and a comma for each thousands place.


17.      Copy the contents of cell B7 and paste them into the range C7:F7.


18.      Add vertical and horizontal lines to the range A1:F7.


19.      Add a very bold orange border around the perimeter of the range A1:F7.


20.    Insert a column chart using the data in the range A2:F6. Select the 2-D Stacked Column format.


21.      Move the column chart so the upper left corner is in the middle of cell A8 and remove title


22.     Rename the Sheet1 worksheet tab to Population Trends.


23.     Adjust the appropriate settings so the Population Trends worksheet prints on one piece of paper.

24.     Add a header to the Population Trends worksheet that shows the date in the upper left corner and your name in the center. Save the workbook by adding your name in front of the current workbook name (i.e., “your name Chapter 1 CiP Exercise 2”). (Hint: you will need to Save As.)

25. Check image on pages 97-99