Essay 2 Post-Script Assignment

Upon completion of your second essay, take a moment or 15 to reflect upon the process. Then, in a well-organized piece of at least one double-spaced page of typed writing (no less than 250 words), reflect upon any or all of the following questions. You must answer number 4.

1). Do you feel you clearly understood the assignment? What steps did you take to be sure that you understood its objectives and aims before you began or during the process? What steps do you wish you had taken?

2). Did you write with a single question in mind? If so, how did that guide your reading, writing, or research? If not, how did you organize your thoughts and research?

3). What was the best or strongest part of this paper for you? What was the easiest part to write or the easiest piece to answer? Why?

4). What did you feel most challenged by in this assignment? Was it an external pressure (time, other assignments, other work, stress, etc.) or a challenge related to the assignment itself (lack of resources, misunderstanding the assignment, confusion over guidelines, etc.)? What do you plan to do to relieve this challenge in the future?

You may type your answer into the box below or upload a file.