5.5 Outline (written or visual) for Essay 2

到期日: 2018年10月29日 星期一 23:30

Objectives for this lesson: LO1, LO2, LO3

Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Deadline: Sunday of Week 5

Points: 10


Upload an outline (in any document format: Word, PDF, etc.) that describes your second essay plan. For this outline, I encourage you to experiment with visuals as a way to outline. For example, you could use this slide template to create one slide for each section of your paper, including visuals as needed. 

You may format the outline however you would like; however, make sure that it includes an introduction, at least 3-5 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your thesis statement should be present in a complete sentence. Include, wherever possible, links to or mentions of the outside sources you'll use.

Not sure how to create an outline? Check out the information here for pre-writing and outlining models and ideas.

How will I know when I've completed this?

You'll receive feedback from me within a few days of uploading, and the checkmark will check off once you've uploaded your paper.