5.4. Feedback Review and Response (Read instructions/due date carefully here!)

Make a submission Receive a grade

Once you have received your feedback for Essay 1 (which I will return to you as soon as possible), please read it, then reflect on the feedback here.


This is due after you have received your feedback. Though it is marked for Sunday of Week 5, it does not need to be completed until the next Sunday after your feedback is posted. 

Questions for reflection (answer any or all as appropriate. This reflection doesn't need to be long -- the minimum is 100 words):

1). Did you understand the feedback you received? If not, let me know if any points are unclear and/or what you found confusing.

2). After re-reading your essay and the feedback, where will you focus most on your next piece of writing?

3). Do you plan to revise and resubmit this essay? If so, what steps will you take to re-see and change the essay (beyond mere corrections of spelling and grammar)?

Though you may type your answers in another program, please copy and paste the text here instead of attaching a file.