An introduction or short orientation to Student leadership council 

A beginning computer class for Adult Basic Skills students; follows and builds on the skills taught in Computer Introduction (Computer Basics 1); prepares students for workplaces with online interactions and for online learning environments.  Through hands-on experience, students become familiar with tools such as spell check and Moodle and gain skills such as formatting documents, identifying and troubleshooting basic tech problems, finding information online, and planning for learning in an online course.

Using Technology to Create Equity, Community, and Engagement

Technology is not just about giving students access to course content; it can be used to give them a sense of belonging, a voice when they might not otherwise speak up, and the ability to engage dynamically with your curriculum. Come learn about some of the commonly used and college supported technologies at LBCC. Bring a course topic, idea, or lesson plan from one of your classes and participate in identifying ways to increase equity, community and/or engagement.